Wednesday, January 14, 2009

7 things about me that will bore you to tears

I am just now getting to catch up on all the fun I've missed on Twitter during the holidays and one thing I have really enjoyed is the 7 things meme. It thrills the voyeur in me to read tidbits about my favorite Twitter folks but also to get to learn about some that were flying under my radar. I look forward to reading more lists and I thank you all for sharing!

1) I was a co-founder of an antisocial society back in college. After a few meetings we decided to disband as we had broken the charter rules by having a gathering. I guess we were confused antisocial kids. The drugs had not kicked in yet at that time. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

2) I was a candle maker for around 12 years. I became a master candle carver after a 2 year apprenticeship. I eventually owned my own business doing the candles and once upon a time owned a shop with my husband in St. Augustine, Florida. That lasted for a few years until the tourist economy tanked there and we had to go back to "real" jobs. It was great while it lasted and I had some of the best customers ever. I still have all my equipment and could make some candles at any time but I have not carved any for well over a year. The last order I filled was for a wedding unity set for a couple in Australia. Nice folks that later sent me pictures from their wedding.

3) I am a perpetual college student. What can I say? I love the process of learning even though I let it stress me out to no end. The first go around was a nursing major. The second was art, specifically black and white photography. That I completely adored and I once felt like I wanted to spend my life in the darkroom. I didn't care if the pics were even mine. Just the act of printing and developing the pictures was a headrush for me. This current run at college again is to further the nursing along and get what's needed to concentrate on geriatric and hospice care as well as those masters courses needed to add adult nurse practitioner to it all. That last bit may take a while at the rate I am going but it's ok. I like being back in school again. Being older and having so much more life experience makes me appreciate my time in class. It also makes the younger students and their foibles more silly and annoying though.

4) I was accepted to the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C. back in the 90's when I was doing the photography major. I applied on a whim after visiting my uncles in Fairfax. After a return visit to the school and an interview and slide review I was sure that they would laugh in my face and my attempts to gain entry into their establishment. I went home to Savannah and was shocked beyond belief when I got a letter of acceptance. Did I end up going though? Nope. Why, you may ask? Well, see #5

5) The first time I met Bryan it was at work and he was a new employee. The VERY FIRST thought that ran through my head upon seeing him was "I wonder if he's THE one." The second thought after the introduction was "I wonder where he hides the bodies." Neither thought was one I'd ever had upon meeting anyone else in my life. After our initial meeting we were friendly and within a month I was trying to help him woo a girl at the shop that he was smitten with. Janet was a cute little innocent chick from North Dakota and Bryan fell for her hard the moment he met her. Bryan was very shy though and he needed some help and encouragement and somehow I became that person. After a 4 month try at getting Janet interested the poor guy had his heart crushed. Janet just wanted a friendship and didn't want to date anyone. I felt bad for Bryan and invited him to go out with a group of us on my birthday. We were good friends by that point but nothing more. By the end of that night, my 22nd b-day, we had decided to try taking the friendship further, no strings, and see what happened. We've been married 10 years now and I cannot imagine my life without Bryan in it. All of it boils down to Bryan needing a job to pay for some car insurance while in school. If it weren't for that we would not have met.

6) I was once a Beatles fanatic. It's the one thing that pulled me out of a long issue with depression as a teen. Lennon was my religion and I was a devout follower. I no longer have a single minded devotion to them but I am forever grateful for the time that the Fab Four comforted me and lead me out of a very bleak and dark place.

7) I'm not sure which way to go with this last one. Everything running through my head is on the boring side and Logan is insisting that he wants to go outside and for me to finish playing on this computer. So, you get random stuff to end this list --
  • I am distantly related to both Mary Cassatt and Robert Henri.
  • I hate when people eat crunchy things near me if I am not also eating crunchy things. The sound of crunching drives me insane.
  • I hate lima beans.
  • Sarcasm, dark and sick humor, and just a weird way of looking at life is what I most enjoy out of the people I'm friends with. It's these qualities that I also look for when following people on Twitter.
  • if I could get away with doing it I would spell my name in all lower case letters all the time, like e. e. cummings

I suppose I need to tag some folks now but I will have to come back to add them later. Logan is insisting that Jerry Butler and Johnson are getting mad. They want him to come out and play. Maybe they will sing me a poop song or their newest hit "Stop Looking at Me!"


  1. I was not bored to tears, far from it! Love the insight, great stuff. I didn't know candlemaking and carving was a profession! Thank you for sharing (I like all lowercase name spelling as well:)

  2. I loved your post and the candle making thing is so cool! If you ever want to talk or bitch about nurse stuff, I would love to participate.


  3. Thank you both! Yep, the candle making was a decent career and based on an old German/Eastern European craft. Fun stuff and it brought me out of my shy tendencies that I have had since childhood. Everything was made in front of an audience and it was sort of a show at times.

  4. I love these 7 things posts, too! A lot of interesting, quirky, smart, odd, wonderful people among those I follow on Twitter. As it should be. :)