Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mouse Unicorn

Today I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with a group of grown-ups. Logan also came along but he was so quiet that it was like he wasn't there. I think he just didn't know what to think about having a group of beautiful women paying attention to him. Hopefully he will grow into it and learn to be a polite gentleman. Really, I often just hope he grows up knowing when and where it's appropriate to pick his nose. Start with the small goals and work our way up. Someday we'll add on the lesson about not eating boogers in front of people.

While driving back from lunch I had time to think about a few things. The route that we drive to and from Bluffton is very scenic and normally very quiet. Today there was a lot of traffic and people were impatient and I watched cars getting passed on each side of the road. One particular driver cut it extremely close while passing a firetruck. We were still at a safe distance should anything bad have happened but it made my heart jump into my throat anyway. Seeing this nut job risk his cojones just to get somewhere 2 minutes faster reminded me that each and every time we step into our vehicles and leave our homes that we put ourselves at risk.

Now here is where I share something with you. It could have gone on my 7 things list but I guess I just didn't have it in mind for a change. Here it is -- I am terrified of being in a fatal car accident. The one way I don't want to check out is by being crunched up in a vehicle. Sometimes this seems very silly to me. I rationalize my thoughts and I give myself a pep talk and I move on. Car crash fears laid aside. The careless actions of the driver in the little black sports car today made it come immediately to mind and heart. Damn him!

Having the crash thoughts led to thinking about something my mom says. She has said that she'd "rather up and die than go and die." I love this. Her rational is that if you up and die that it is a quick process and it's better emotionally for the family. If you go and die then that implies that you have had to go on a journey to get to that final ending destination. Since there is no way of knowing what may lay ahead of you, your family, your possible care givers, she feels that it's just not the way she wants to check out. For me, my mom, and much of our family this is representative of how we all feel to a degree. I'm not sure what that says about us, if anything, but it was interesting to think about today. Quick or slow or at a moderate clip a death is still a death and it's hard for all those involved.

After thinking about Mom's saying and the path it led down I then turned to cotton candy. If you can figure out how my addled brain got to cotton candy from the blood and guts start then you win a prize. I will hand you a cookie AND a Mouse Unicorn. GO!


  1. Ah. We do think alike. It is called tangential thought, and it rocks! I love your writing.

  2. Thank you! It does make my time alone quite entertaining.

  3. That's an interesting take on it. I always thought when I was younger that I'd like to just pick a point where everything was fine - no memory loss, no illness or creeping crud - and drive a motorcycle off a cliff. Then common sense explained to me that knowing my luck, I'd survive as a vegetable.

    Great post...and thanks for including me on your sidebar...I'm honored.