Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have been working on a post for a few days now but I've just not had time to finish it up. Since the weekend I've had a particularly nasty case of pharyngitis and besides it making it difficult to swallow it has made it difficult for me to put two thoughts together. Hell, I've not been able to put two thoughts that have anything in common with each other anywhere near the other. Christa can attest to my inept state of mind. Not that I need a witness or anything but sometimes it is a comfort to know it's not all just some running joke in your own head.

I will work on the original post after the weekend trip coming up and hopefully I'll have my brain back in tip top working order by then. OR, I will maim myself horribly while trying to show my kids how to ski/ice skate/sled in the hills of North Carolina. Either way I'm sure there will be pain, pictures of smiling wee blond chillins, and a self depreciating epic tale in there for us all. Win win situations like that are just wonderful.

On a side note -- this week has brought some very sad and scary situations to my attention and I want us all to take a moment and hold our loved ones close. Kiss your kids. Call your mom and dad and siblings if they are still around (and will accept your calls).

Several blogs and e-mails asking for prayers for some amazing little people crossed my desk. Although I do not know any of these people it doesn't lessen the emotion that goes through me when I read their journeys. This week saw the passing of a toddler who battled with cancer. She leaves behind a twin and a family so full of love for having has this little girl in their lives, even if it was just for a brief period of time. For another family it's the beginning of a long wait to see if their child will make it through a bone marrow transplant with success. These are things that so many people face on a daily basis and yet so many others take their good health and situations for granted. I'm not pointing fingers in any way but I am taking this as a lesson for myself to continue to love those around me and to tell them so as much as possible. I love you people!!! I will continue to shower love and affection on my kids even when they wipe my kisses off. I'll take that as them just rubbing them in.

Daily life hits us with adversities right and left and as humans it's part of our job to keep our chins up and our hearts open. Each day is a gift that we should not throw away or squander. It's too easy to not care or to focus on just yourself and your immediate needs but it carries great rewards to open up and share your thoughts, concerns, and love and prayers with those around you.

I apologize for rambling today and I am not sure if what I really want to say is getting out. Blame it on my fuzzy head and my first successful cup of coffee in 5 days perhaps. Or, more likely, it's that I am so profoundly touched by the sharing of complete strangers during the hardest moments in their lives that I am both wordy and speechless.

Please hug and share love with those around you today and if you can spare some thoughts and prayers for a few of these families I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and you know I love ya!

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