Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter in Savannah

I know I am behind in posting pics of our trip to Sugar Mountain in South Carolina from earlier this month. I swore to myself I'd upload pics off the camera each day and then I would get sidetracked and I would forget. By the time I did it I saw pics from before Christmas all the way up to this past weekend.

So, this is one of the few group shots I got of the kids. No, I don't have 4 kids. The one in the purple jacket is my niece. This particular pic was taken on our last day there and in one of the few patches of snow left where you could pull together a very humble snowman. Not long after this picture was taken the girls and I kicked it apart. It was like that scene in A Clockwork Orange...well, it was like a lot of scenes in that movie. All we were missing was the Beethoven.

A weekend in the snow was fun. Everyone had a good time for the most part and a few of us got our fill of snow and cold and we'll now be all set for at least a year or 4 until we need another fix. Actually, the kids loved being in the snow. There was a certain amount of disappointment in their eyes as we drove off the mountain and the questions about possible snow in Savannah ramped up tremendously once we got home. I have seen snow in Savannah and in South GA but I only have memory of it being enough to make a snowman once or twice. Once when I lived in Cairo, GA, the change in weather patterns after Mt. St. Helen erupted caused us to get snow. It was sort of grey colored but it did make a nice petite snowman. Our 2nd GA snowman was made when in was 8th grade. That snowman was even more petite and was fashioned on top of a picnic table in the playground at school. Nothing fancy but as a southern kid it was a joyous occasion. I told Julia about these experiences and at the end she was both excited about the ever so slight possibilities that she may see snow without having to be in a car "forever and ever and ever" and also disappointed over the fact that the snow I experienced down here was not enough to fulfill her dreams of snow drifts and days of school closings.

Because I am a loving and kind mommy I also shared my stories of living up in Michigan and about the winters there. She got the story of how our snot would freeze on our faces while waiting for the bus. She cringed at my details about how school didn't close at all and that you got on that bus even if the driver had to kick and force the door open at every spot. Her little heart hurt for me when I talked about how some kids had snow shelters to wait in at their bus stops on the coldest days but that we did not. Julia got excited again when I described our snow gear, Moon boots, and scarves and mittens in a rainbow of colors. I left out how hard it was to get in and out of and that once you had it all on it was a 100% guarantee that you needed to either pee or poop so bad your eyes watered BUT you couldn't go because you'd just been kicked outside to go walk up the street and wait for the bus. Oh the horror and pelvic pain! At this point in my tale Julia started to drift away a bit. To bring her back around I did talk about the insanely fun sledding and walks on the frozen lakes and about how beautiful falling snow is and how unbelievably quiet it can be during a snow storm. There is definite beauty in a true winter.

Now I'm getting all misty eyed just thinking about the fun times we did have pretending to be Northerners for a few years.

All in all I am a Southern Girl. I prefer warm temperatures and a nice sea breeze during the summer. I find comfort in sandals and layered tank tops. I don't want to wear anything heavier than a sweater or a light jacket. That's just me. I can see that my husband and my boys love the colder temps and I can appreciate our differences. It is a treat to have all 4 seasons and we often don't get that here in Savannah. Our beautiful azaleas and our knack for AWESOME Sweet Tea make up for that in my eyes though.

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