Thursday, February 12, 2009

Slacker or Not a Slacker?

A slacker can be defined as a person who procrastinates or is lazy.

I call myself a slacker almost daily. Mostly in jest but if you go by the above definition then I think I fit. I am a major procrastinator. This sometimes equates with being lazy as well. Another definition of a slacker is "one who is in fact suffering from clinical depression, resulting in a lack of motivation." At times I fit this definition extremely well too.

Am I really a slacker though? Today I have been a busy bee working on several things that need my attention and focus. I have also juggled this with a very demanding 3 year old and various other household details. That's not being lazy. I've not procrastinated today and things are actually getting ticked off my to-do list and balls are rolling in areas that need attention. Yet, with all that is going well today, I have put other things off a bit. They are not huge things and they are not time sensitive but not giving them attention right now makes me feel like a huge slacker. They are little tasks that make me feel as if I am not organized or able to juggle my responsibilities properly.

So, even though I am in the middle of some issues I am here noodling "out loud" and giving myself a pep talk. Why I am doing it here, I am not sure. Maybe it adds validity or maybe I want feedback. I don't know and please don't feel like you have to comment on any of this at all. We could just pretend this is all staying in my head and IF you do comment it's just me talking to myself. Or not pretend. It could be happening that way. I told you I was special. I'm also excellent at entertaining myself with nothing but my crazy mind.

Back on task. Am I really a slacker? No, not really. Or probably not. How can a mother of 3 be a slacker? If I were a true slacker I would not have completed 7+ years of higher education and still be at it cramming even more info into this head. Would a slacker have 5 cats and a one eyed fish? If I were a slacker would I have owned a business? How can you be a slacker and take charge and care for peoples needs?

If not a slacker then what am I?

I guess I am laid back. I go with the flow. I see that there is an ebb and flow, dips and curves, twists and turns to life and I try hard to not let the little details and the big details get to me. Bryan is the same way. Although we are not overly religious people we operate on a basic faith that things happen for a reason and that there are things you can't control. There are things you shouldn't control or they will make your life harder than necessary. Going with the flow of life and doing the best we can in situations that come our way has worked very well for us. Now, as life twists again we are trying not to get too worked up and we are laying the groundwork that will lead us through in a calm fashion. Not a slacker way of doing things, right?

I need to get out of the habit of calling myself a slacker. I need to not think negative things about myself and be my own worst enemy. I can be laid back and still be a positive go-getter. I can still cut short jokes on myself and be silly and not break my confidence down. I can do this without compromising my need and desire to help and please others too. Or I would like to be able to do that. I am going to try.

So, not a slacker? I will continue to be terrible at cleaning, putting away laundry and organizing things but it's not out of laziness or procrastination. I'm going with the flow and taking care of important things first. Bryan, the kids, family and friends -- these come 1st and I'll work from there.

Sorry for being scattered with this.

I leave you with some favorite short jokes:

Sara lives in the 10th floor and when she needs to get to the 10th floor from the bottom she has to stop at the 7th floor and has to climb to the 10th floor by stairs. Why? Because Sara is to short to reach the #10 button in the elevator.

I'm one of the few people to have my feet showing in my drivers license picture. Me and Little People have that in common.

Short people are the last ones to get rained on, but the first ones to drown.

Yesterday, a basketball player and a jockey robbed a shop.
The police are searching high and low.

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